Ranada & Dan

Ranada and Dan came home to Northwest Michigan from the Washington DC area to celebrate their beautiful marriage. Rain was expected, but as usual, the weather cleared up and turned into a brilliant day to see the vistas beyond the hillside where the ceremony and reception took place. I got the impression that the day was very sweet for them; Ranada and Dan are very sweet people and everyone was engaged through the whole wedding and reception.  As with many rural Michigan weddings, the aesthetic was rustic and the size was intimate. It was great to photograph the kids running through nearby fields during the reception. When shooting a wedding, you always have moments where you think to yourself, "Oh, this is what it's like for them!" For me, one of those came when Dan asked me to take some photos with his best friends from college. I thought to myself how cool and rare occasion to be back in town with those guys. It was a great day to be a part of; Ranada and Dan were all smiles the whole day. I hope you enjoy the photos. =)