Ashley & Sam - Engagement

I went home to see my best friend from going up, Sam, and his beautiful fiancé Ashley, and to do an engagement shoot for the two of them. "Home" is Clare, Michigan -- a small, rural town in the middle of the state, and the perfect place to grow up. 

As we drove, I asked them what they liked about each other, and I felt honored to be the person in their life who got to ask them those questions and to later shoot the photos for them. Before long, Sam and I were telling each other some memories of one another that the other since forgotten. He is usually a little tight-lipped about more personal stuff, so that was very cool.  

I hadn't actually done an engagement shoot of a close friend, so this was a new experience. I found that looking at Sam and Ashley with that "photographer's eye" gave me a new outlook on a friendship that I've had for fifteen years. I felt about a year's closer to them in an hour and a half.  =)