Meghan & Gene

Meghan and Gene are one of those generous, low-key couples who photographers dream about. Thankfully, I was the one who had the chance to work with them at their wedding. It was rustic-themed, taking place in a barn-turned-wedding-venue just north of the Metro Detroit area. 

This wedding made me realize one of the reasons why I love wedding photography so much: it was an intricate, wonderful glimpse into a side of life that is different from your own. The process begins by meeting the two people with whom you will spend the day and photograph. You get an idea of who they are, but when all of their family and friends come together in one place, you can step back and see a wonderful portrait of who those two people are. 

That being said, I was overwhelmed by the kind, gentle nature of Meghan and Gene's family and friends. They were all so sweet, and I found myself smiling at the sight of them as they interacted after the ceremony. We had a great time. 

Meghan and Gene are those kind of people who shock you with just how nice they are -- people with whom there is no drama, no problems -- just chances to enjoy yourself and the presence of the people around you. I wish them the best with all that they do!