Marissa & De Shun

Marissa and De Shun came from Chicago to Snow Moon Ranch, just outside of Traverse City, Michigan, for a destination wedding with their family and friends. It was an intimate wedding, and there was a sense of closeness between the people there. De Shun's family came from out of the country for a rare visit to the States, and to see everyone together -- both sides meeting each other for the first time -- was a wonderful thing.

From Marissa's friends and family gathering into her room as she got ready, to De Shun's best man having a having a glass of wine and putting his tie on... from De Shun's mother singing at the ceremony in her family's native tongue, to Marissa's father's heartfelt reception speech... or lastly, taking candids of De Shun's extended family, many of whom spoke little English but were extremely gracious and kind, laughing with me along the way -- there were plenty of beautiful moments to sink myself into. I enjoyed the wonderful conversations I had with many of the guests, and would love to see these two again if I found myself in Chicago any time soon. =) Thank you for having me be a part of your day!