Megan & Jan

First off, I have to say what an incredible time I had at this wedding of Megan and Jan (pronounced "Jon"). It was located in West Branch, Michigan, which is a pretty rural area in Northern Michigan. I knew the area previously, and I always enjoy the drive of winding roads and cornfields. 

I loved spending time with both families, who were exceptionally sweet. I remember one moment of watching Jan's grandmother interact with one of her granddaughters (I believe) and feeling the connection they had between them. When the young girl ran from her grandmother to the next diversion, her grandmother and I made eye contact and had a moment of acknowledgement of having shared that moment together. I felt part of the family.

Throughout the day I focused on having a feeling of love in my heart and photographing out of that feeling. In looking back, it is a wonder what a difference it makes in shooting -- and what an enjoyable experience it is. I hope you enjoy the moments found in these photos; as I said goodbye at the end of the night, it was hard to leave. 

As I drove home, I took a lot of back roads and saw multiple groups of deer. One in particular was high on a hillside, about fifty yards from me. Thirty deer stood there, many of them looking back on me, and I stopped my car in the middle of the road. We stood there for a minute at dusk, and I got the chills very intensely. It was the perfect way to end a beautiful day. The spirit of the time and place was a gift to behold.