Michelle & Jourdan

I love people who are both very cool and very sweet, and Michelle and Jourdan are just that. During the ceremony, as Michelle read her vows, she recollected on a time early in their relationship: "I promised that I'd be your Padme if you'd be my Anakin." Obviously, they've been together a long time. It was evident in how comfortable they were with one another, like best friends, and in the feel of their wedding. It was a small wedding (with about fifty guests) beside a lake in the town of cozy Saugatuck, Michigan. It was one of those days where, as a photographer, you hit it off with everyone and the day goes perfectly. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed capturing the day. =)   

Rachael & Rob

I absolutely loved being around Rachael and Rob. Rachael is extremely sweet, and Rob is the type of guy who's a very strong, cool dude but also super sweet -- I love that. The wedding was in Ohio, and being from Michigan, I had never seen the Ohio State football enthusiasm. Right when the DJ announced the score of the football game during the ceremony, that's when I knew it was real. =) The venue -- the Hotel Gallery in Tipp City, Ohio -- was beautiful; it was part vintage store, part wedding venue with plenty of enclaves for creative photos. Each room was a new world. The whole crowd was filled with smiles, inviting me to sit down and have dinner with them. As usual, the weather cooperated, and everyone had a great time. I hope you enjoy the photos and seeing Rachael and Rob.

Ranada & Dan

Ranada and Dan came home to Northwest Michigan from the Washington DC area to celebrate their beautiful marriage. Rain was expected, but as usual, the weather cleared up and turned into a brilliant day to see the vistas beyond the hillside where the ceremony and reception took place. I got the impression that the day was very sweet for them; Ranada and Dan are very sweet people and everyone was engaged through the whole wedding and reception.  As with many rural Michigan weddings, the aesthetic was rustic and the size was intimate. It was great to photograph the kids running through nearby fields during the reception. When shooting a wedding, you always have moments where you think to yourself, "Oh, this is what it's like for them!" For me, one of those came when Dan asked me to take some photos with his best friends from college. I thought to myself how cool and rare occasion to be back in town with those guys. It was a great day to be a part of; Ranada and Dan were all smiles the whole day. I hope you enjoy the photos. =)  

Megan & Jan

First off, I have to say what an incredible time I had at this wedding of Megan and Jan (pronounced "Jon"). It was located in West Branch, Michigan, which is a pretty rural area in Northern Michigan. I knew the area previously, and I always enjoy the drive of winding roads and cornfields. 

I loved spending time with both families, who were exceptionally sweet. I remember one moment of watching Jan's grandmother interact with one of her granddaughters (I believe) and feeling the connection they had between them. When the young girl ran from her grandmother to the next diversion, her grandmother and I made eye contact and had a moment of acknowledgement of having shared that moment together. I felt part of the family.

Throughout the day I focused on having a feeling of love in my heart and photographing out of that feeling. In looking back, it is a wonder what a difference it makes in shooting -- and what an enjoyable experience it is. I hope you enjoy the moments found in these photos; as I said goodbye at the end of the night, it was hard to leave. 

As I drove home, I took a lot of back roads and saw multiple groups of deer. One in particular was high on a hillside, about fifty yards from me. Thirty deer stood there, many of them looking back on me, and I stopped my car in the middle of the road. We stood there for a minute at dusk, and I got the chills very intensely. It was the perfect way to end a beautiful day. The spirit of the time and place was a gift to behold. 

Tara & Josh

I was honored to be asked to be the photographer for Tara and Josh's wedding -- two friends from the theatre department of where I went to college. There were a lot of beautiful, familiar faces around, and I had a blast shooting photos of people who I'd seen in many plays, classes, and get-togethers in my time at Alma College.

The photos will speak for themselves -- on the good time that we had together and the great spirits of all the people attending. It was a very open, caring, fun group of people at this Steampunk-themed wedding in Battle Creek, Michigan. The ceremony took place at What A Do Theatre where Josh and Tara both perform. Enjoy! 

Meghan & Gene

Meghan and Gene are one of those generous, low-key couples who photographers dream about. Thankfully, I was the one who had the chance to work with them at their wedding. It was rustic-themed, taking place in a barn-turned-wedding-venue just north of the Metro Detroit area. 

This wedding made me realize one of the reasons why I love wedding photography so much: it was an intricate, wonderful glimpse into a side of life that is different from your own. The process begins by meeting the two people with whom you will spend the day and photograph. You get an idea of who they are, but when all of their family and friends come together in one place, you can step back and see a wonderful portrait of who those two people are. 

That being said, I was overwhelmed by the kind, gentle nature of Meghan and Gene's family and friends. They were all so sweet, and I found myself smiling at the sight of them as they interacted after the ceremony. We had a great time. 

Meghan and Gene are those kind of people who shock you with just how nice they are -- people with whom there is no drama, no problems -- just chances to enjoy yourself and the presence of the people around you. I wish them the best with all that they do!

Marissa & De Shun

Marissa and De Shun came from Chicago to Snow Moon Ranch, just outside of Traverse City, Michigan, for a destination wedding with their family and friends. It was an intimate wedding, and there was a sense of closeness between the people there. De Shun's family came from out of the country for a rare visit to the States, and to see everyone together -- both sides meeting each other for the first time -- was a wonderful thing.

From Marissa's friends and family gathering into her room as she got ready, to De Shun's best man having a having a glass of wine and putting his tie on... from De Shun's mother singing at the ceremony in her family's native tongue, to Marissa's father's heartfelt reception speech... or lastly, taking candids of De Shun's extended family, many of whom spoke little English but were extremely gracious and kind, laughing with me along the way -- there were plenty of beautiful moments to sink myself into. I enjoyed the wonderful conversations I had with many of the guests, and would love to see these two again if I found myself in Chicago any time soon. =) Thank you for having me be a part of your day!

Ashley & Sam - Engagement

I went home to see my best friend from going up, Sam, and his beautiful fiancé Ashley, and to do an engagement shoot for the two of them. "Home" is Clare, Michigan -- a small, rural town in the middle of the state, and the perfect place to grow up. 

As we drove, I asked them what they liked about each other, and I felt honored to be the person in their life who got to ask them those questions and to later shoot the photos for them. Before long, Sam and I were telling each other some memories of one another that the other since forgotten. He is usually a little tight-lipped about more personal stuff, so that was very cool.  

I hadn't actually done an engagement shoot of a close friend, so this was a new experience. I found that looking at Sam and Ashley with that "photographer's eye" gave me a new outlook on a friendship that I've had for fifteen years. I felt about a year's closer to them in an hour and a half.  =)